Succulent Alpine beef

Attenberger Fleisch GmbH & Co. KG is always knowledgeable of the region and knows how to appreciate everything it has to offer. With the re-establishment of the company AlmRind, Attenberger has gained an additional source of income and continues to expand its slaughtering capacities. Here as well, the greatest attention is paid to quality assurance and controls.

At AlmRind GmbH & Co. KG, the focus is on local animal origin – cattle from the meadows and Alps in the region of Traunstein and Chiemsee in Bavaria. The meat is as fresh and juicy as the grass the animals eat. Natural quality from breeding to consumption.


At our establishments, the cattle are prepared for slaughter in the most stress-free conditions and are butchered by qualified professionals. We ensure that the raw materials for our production are flawless thanks to the short transportation routes and the strict quality controls pre-slaughter. Naturally, we adhere to hygiene regulations and practise effective slaughtering techniques as a matter of course.

As you can tell, meat from happy animals that were considerately slaughtered tastes significantly better.


The demands and needs of our customers are very important to us.
Therefore, the quality of our products is guaranteed through continuous internal and external controls.