Founded as a family business, our company has grown naturally... become the enterprise that it is today. When Ludwig and Andrea Attenberger began processing beef in 1989, they drew upon their traditional artisan skills as master butchers. The company founders poured their entire creativity into the business to make it stable and profitable. The main focus has always been on the high quality and freshness of the meat. Farmers were specially selected and, right from the beginning, the required processing was carried out in the production facilities. 

Over the years the business grew steadily – both in terms of building and production expansion and in staff numbers. The company is continuously investing in modern slaughtering and processing techniques and in expanding its logistics arm. During the working process, adherence to the applicable rules and regulations is given top priority. Gradually a weekly slaughtering and processing capacity of over 1000 tonnes was achieved. Furthermore, Attenberger also created Naturplus, its own animal welfare programme.

Today Attenberger Fleisch GmbH & Co. KG is proud to employ a team of over 200 members of staff. AlmRind, a new acquisition, has an additional 60 members of staff supporting the abattoir business there. In this branch of the business, the main focus is on the slaughter of naturally reared cattle from the Traunstein-Chiemsee region.

True to the guiding principle that Attenberger provides natural strength from meat, strength is key to the business and serves to secure its existence beyond the production process. The next generation of the Attenberger family is now a powerful driving force for the business.


At our establishments, the cattle are prepared for slaughter in the most stress-free conditions and are butchered by qualified professionals. We ensure that the raw materials for our production are flawless thanks to the short transportation routes and the strict quality controls pre-slaughter. Naturally, we adhere to hygiene regulations and practise effective slaughtering techniques as a matter of course.
As you can tell, meat from happy animals that were considerately slaughtered tastes significantly better.


In this way, Attenberger Fleisch GmbH & Co.KG manages to slaughter and butcher the animals fully in house. With the help of a reliable and thorough quality management team, adherence to the applicable rules and regulations are given top priority. 

Qualified staff slaughter and butcher the animals professionally using sophisticated butchering and carving techniques. No matter whether we are producing for the gourmet sector or for standard consumption, our customers benefit from our helpfully prepared cuts and can use them immediately without any extra work on their part.


With our own lorries and refrigerated vehicles, we guarantee timely and orderly supply to our customers and marketers. Our speciality cuts are vacuum packed and sold to customers all over Europe.

Thanks to the ideal cooling system in the vehicles, the freshness and quality of our products is guaranteed.


The demands and needs of our customers are very important to us.
Therefore, the quality of our products is guaranteed through continuous internal and external controls.