Attenberger Fleisch has expanded its operations by founding the company Schanzer Fleisch GmbH. The slaughter of pigs is a logical addition to the company’s range of services and strengthens its efficiency in Bavaria enormously. 

The Schanzer Fleisch abattoir business is located in Ingolstadt.


At Schanzer Fleisch, German pigs – most of them raised in Bavaria – are prepared for slaughter in the most stress-free conditions and are butchered by qualified professionals. The provenance of the animals guarantees short transportation routes and contributes to animal welfare. Strict pre-slaughter quality controls ensure that the raw materials for our production are flawless. 

As a new service, Schanzer Fleisch offers contract slaughtering to regional farmers, butchers and further processing companies for their own animals. Pigs brought to us by farmers are professionally slaughtered according to our strict quality controls and butchered according to customer requirements. The meat can then be picked up or we can deliver it. Naturally, we adhere to hygiene regulations and practise effective slaughtering techniques as a matter of course.



The demands and needs of our customers are very important to us.
Therefore, the quality of our products is guaranteed through continuous internal and external controls.