Because quality and outstanding flavour are close to our hearts, we take animal welfare very seriously. After all, quality is a sign of animal well-being. Cattle that have been reared in the best conditions and are later considerately slaughtered provide juicer, higher quality and more flavoursome meat.

With NaturPlus and Simmenthal we have managed to transparently comply with and implement these high quality and animal welfare demands. You can really taste the difference!

NaturPlus is our in-house animal welfare programme. Transparency and quality assurance begin on the farm. When it comes to animal protection and traceability, our farmers are required to handle their cattle in a clean, well-controlled, animal-friendly manner. They must ensure that the animals have enough space, fresh air, pasture grazing where they are free to roam and are not feed anything containing GMOs. Natural in origin and humanely-raised – that’s the NaturPlus guarantee!

It comes down to more than just preparation to get that delicious piece of meat on your plate... Because we know this and we want you to experience the very best, our main focus with NaturPlus is on animal welfare right from the very start.

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Our Simmental beef is well-known for its top quality in terms of structure, marbling and flavour. The name comes from the cattle’s place of origin in Simmenthal in the Bernese Oberland. In Germany, this breed has become one of the most popular as its meat has a distinctive aromatic flavour.

Usually, this breed of cattle is kept on mountain pastures in the Alps. The animals do well here despite the significant altitude, the raw mountain climate and unpredictable rocky ground. Due to the movement of the animals in the fresh mountain air as they consume their natural diet of herbs, flowers and grasses, the meat gains its distinctive flavour and is particularly coarse-grained, tender and juicy. The ratio of fat to muscle is perfectly balanced.

Try it yourself – you won’t be disappointed!