Transparent and thorough – Quality management by Attenberger

Over the years, consumers’ perspectives and demands on meat and sausage products have changed and, in many areas, have become more critical.
We focus on producing the best food; first-class meat products with the most extensive quality management and the best hygiene regulations.

As good meat can only come from good animals, the way in which the cattle are reared as well as the regional proximity to our premises are our top priority. Furthermore, animal welfare and handling is just as important to us as the controls and adherence to all rules and regulations. Because we want our company to make an impression with its quality, we create the prerequisites and design our working processes to be consistently transparent.


Animal protection

Thanks to our own controlling system and that of the state-run veterinary inspection office as well as food monitoring, we can ensure careful, considerate handling of the cattle. The guidelines are monitored and documented by specially trained animal protection officers. Unloading and anaesthetization processes are recorded by our voluntarily installed camera system. Our well-trained personnel routinely carry out every operation to the best of their knowledge and belief. 


Our customers expect the best quality meat products. Therefore, we procure the best animals from certified farms in the local area. Based on the breeding, with its key components of feed and animal husbandry, every animal can be traced thus ensuring its origin. Thanks to the consequent and distinctive labelling of the animals and products, we can definitively trace everything back to the farmer. These labels include ear tags and other identifying marks on the cattle. Labels and underlying databases allow us to determine the birthplace of the live animals and the products made from them at any time. In our processing plants, the ORGAINVENT standards are integrated. 


The processing of foodstuffs is subject to strict controls and laws. A significant component of these are the hygiene regulations. So as to adhere to and safeguard all valid standards, Attenberger has its own hygiene officer and the best trained personnel. We also carry out regular, meticulous auditing using independent auditors. The entire process is designed to ensure that fast processing and freshness as well as cleanliness can be flawlessly guaranteed.